Sony PS5 Pro to potentially feature an AMD RDNA3 GPU.

Rumors are circulating about potential enhancements in Sony’s upcoming inter-generational console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Pro, suggesting a more robust GPU. According to speculations, the rumored PS5 Pro might feature an AMD RDNA3 GPU with up to 60 Compute Cores.

These rumors originated from a well-known source, Tom Henderson, who shared the information on X (formerly Twitter) and Resetera forums. Henderson mentioned that the alleged PS5 Pro, operating under the codename Project Trinity, could be subject to leaks this month, especially since devkits have reportedly reached third-party studios. Additionally, another user on X referred to the new APU as “Viola.

In terms of specifications, the PS5 Pro’s APU is anticipated to boast 3,840 Stream Processors, aligning with the Radeon RX 7800 XT desktop graphics card. The rumored internal specifications include a TSMC N4P-based APU, 16GB GDDR6 memory with a 256-bit memory bus, resulting in around 576GB/s of bandwidth. The GPU is said to be clocked at 2GHz, and there are soft rumors suggesting it might be the first game console to incorporate the recently announced XDNA2 NPU.

The name “Project Trinity” allegedly refers to Sony’s focus on three key technologies for the PS5 Pro: rapid storage, accelerated ray-tracing, and upscaling. These components are deemed essential for modern video game titles.

Sony’s decision, if true, to launch a PS5 Pro follows its established pattern of releasing enhanced versions of its consoles with each generation. Previous instances include the PS4 receiving a more advanced “Pro” variant.

As for the anticipated release date of the PS5 Pro, speculation points to a launch in November of the following year, indicating a considerable wait.

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